Chapter 1 of Chapter 2

As I left Avon, IN on January 2 I was feeling a lot of excitement. I was setting off on the biggest adventure, not to mention the biggest risk I have ever taken, of my life. I was about to move all the way across the country to a town I had never seen.

So I set off. We drove through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and all the way through California. Since Matt (my boyfriend) and I both drive small, low to the ground cars we opted to go a southern route so we wouldn’t run into ice and snow. Its took quite a bit longer but I think it was safer than taking another risk.

All the states we passed through I had never been to so it was amazing to finally see some of the country I live in. I think I’ve been more places outside the country than in. The only one of the states that was not so fun to drive through was Missouri. Well, I take that back, Southern California was pretty gross, lots of smog. I could only see as far as the car in front of me.

So, to bring everyone up to speed, I am here in Garberville, CA. My new home. A cute little town in the middle of the redwoods. At the moment I have no place to live and its a pretty scary feeling. I’ve never had to worry about this type of thing before. I think everyone goes through a stage like this, and if you don’t, than you are either really fortunate or just not willing to take a risk, lol. So far I’ve slept in hotels, motels, a sailboat and tonight it’s going to be the car. Not my first choice but we can’t keep spending our money we have for an apartment on motels.

Unfortunately Garberville has next to no rentals. There is one. We filled out an application yesterday and are waiting for the phone tag to cease. So I really hope we get this place in town, otherwise we will end up somewhere with a pretty long and winding drive. So everyone keep their fingers crossed that Bob (the landlord) has a heart.

Ok, that was my first post. When I figure out how to post some pictures I will.


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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