A Place to Call Our Own

When I left you last we were waiting for Bob to show us his place for rent in Garberville. Well, Bob doesn’t allow pets so we never even went to see his apartment. Luckily we found a post on craigslist for a place in Fortuna that we could actually afford rent and the deposit. They also said they would allow one pet since the flooring hadn’t been updated.

We went to see the place and by the end of the day he was calling to ask us to come sign the lease! It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment built in about 1902. It’s on Main St. an sits above some shops. Our apartment is on the backside of the building so we actually have a view of some mountains. It’s not in the best shape but we can improve it with time and some money.

On the second day in our new place we had an earthquake. Since I’m from Georgia I have never felt one before. It was super scary, but by the time we had reached our door and moved into the hallway it was over. The whole building was swaying. For a minute I had regrets about renting a second story apartment. All the neighbors came outside, so we at least got to meet everyone. Nothing like a natural disaster to bring neighbors together.

Some friends recently just gave us a couch! Finally, a piece of furniture. The air mattress had been the place we sleep, eat, watch movies, etc. And we started painting our living room. Everything is slowly coming together. At first all the apartment’s flaws really bugged me. But you just learn to adapt. I barley notice now that when I go to the bathroom my knees are under the sink. LOL

I can’t wait to get a kitchen island. When I do, the baking will begin again! It’s been so long since I’ve made cookies and it’s driving me nuts. I have one counter. One. And the sink takes up half of the space. So thank goodness I get some of my hard earned money back from the government soon so I can buy this:

In white. So until next time, have a great day!


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. You are so cute! I hope you get your island, or make one(:


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