This is old… but I still mean it

(Originally written on July 26, 2009)

Good morning everyone. It’s sunday morning and I don’t work till 2pm. Normally at this time on a weekend I would be lounging around reading a magazine that I had been saving just for this day and time. But sadly I have a problem. I’m dry, my magazine stack is a all read and heading for the recycling bin. See, this thing keeps happening. I find a new (well, new to me) magazine that is so amazing and then three months into my subscription it fails and I am pawned off to one of their not so cool periodicals. This has not just happened once, I can recall many instances.

I will use this space to pay homage to three: Jane– you were an amazing magazine, you were raw and real and extremely entertaining, thanks.

Organic Style– you had a short run but you were way ahead of your time, if you were reprinted today you would be all the rage, I miss you. Domino– you are the most recent of my subscription deaths, Architectural Digest will never make up for you, you had a book for christ sakes. I’m sorry for your premature cancelation.

Yes the economy is bad and I know all of you don’t have a lot of money to spare. But these magazines are people. They write to us and tell us amazing things and broaden our horizons. You can even write to them, and they will listen. They bring together groups of people with common interests. I am willing to help the economy and a dying art. So if anyone has a subscription to a bad ass magazine and you think me or anyone else might like like it, tell me about it. I’m all ears, or eyes, lol.

Also, the more people that subscribe to these things, the more money they will have to put out more volumes in a year. For example, one of the best magazines I have found out there is ReadyMade. One night I was at Bethany’s (a friend of mine) house and there it was. She had gotten the one time free issue and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I fell for it. I took that little rectangle piece of paper that always falls out and sent it in and started my subscription. Its full of stuff that is all DIY and actually cute. It will inspire you to create. It’s awesome. But after a couple consistent monthly issues it started going to the lame split month thing. You know the June/ July 2009 volume. Yeah, lame. You have to wait so long in between. I hate it. So you all should check it out. You may even like it enough to order it. Help bring it back to life. Magazines help reflect our time and culture, don’t let them fade away. So thats it. I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning full of hours of Food Network or whatever you like to do.

❤ Erin


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Hey!
    I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite things. You explaining to me why you like something that I am not necessarially interested in. Wonderful. I love this post. You made me want to go get a magazine. Bravo.

  2. I just found a link to your blog on facebook and am really enjoying it! I grew up in southern Humboldt but don’t live there any more and it’s great to read about it from a newbies perspective. I am still mourning the loss of Jane magazine. It was my all time favorite and I just wish I had kept some old copies so I could reread them now, oh well. I really love a magazine called THE SUN. It is not about cooking, or crafting, or fashion; it’s a literary magazine full of interviews, stories, poems, and photography. I would highly recommend it!


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