Our Nile

Yesterday morning before I went to work I went to the river with the ones I love. It was a little chilly at first but as we walked down the rocky path I forgot about the cold. On one side of the trail there were pastures of cows, on the other side was a slope down to the river. The slope was covered with wild fennel. As we walked we looked for a break in the fennel. There was sure to be a trail that lead straight down to the river. We finally came across a trail and followed it down to a space where the ground was black. Daphne was so excited. The only sandy ground she has ever been on was the volleyball court at our suburban Atlanta neighborhood. I have never seen her so dirty (this picture was taken after we cleaned her off a bit).

I was a strange kid; I would spend hours outside alone searching for rocks. I really thought I would find an ancient arrowhead and make lots of money off it. That never happened but my love of rocks never really went away. I opted out of chemistry in high school and took geology and environmental science instead. And I’m always drawn to jewelry with strange stones. So why am I sharing this? The ground at the river was littered with colorful, tumbled stones. Lots of greens, reds, and grays. So I spent most of my time there  squatting, starring at the ground. I don’t know exactly why rocks amaze me, but they do. They are all different and each one is pretty in it’s own way. I always wanted a rock tumbler. The river is a huge rock tumbler, I love it. Here are a couple choice stones I brought home with us.

Even though the day was gray, it was still so beautiful. I can’t believe I live here. I’m falling in love with the scenery.

So, the last time I wrote I mentioned meal planning. I got as far as the grocery store with my list of ingredients and remembered that I might want to save some money for gas. So I just bought enough stuff to make Butternut Squash and Asparagus Flat bread and a salad. I actually had enough veggies from those two things left over to make roasted vegetables the next night. We also went and had dinner at a friends house this past week, so that was one less meal I had to prepare. So I’m just saying that this week wasn’t a true go at starting meal planning. Better luck next week I guess.

Ok, wow, I totally forgot to tell you why I named this post “Our Nile.” I learned in school that only the Nile river flows north. Thanks Georgia public education for lying to me. Our river here, the Eel River, flows northwest at this point on it’s journey to a larger body of water. It’s pretty weird. You feel all backwards looking at it. Anyway, sorry I didn’t mention this above.


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Love your “Our Nile” post! So glad you are getting out to explore your surroundings around your new home! You were not a strange kid… you just loved rocks! Everyday it was a new and beautiful rock you had found. You always took it school with you to show your teacher and Michaela of course. Love Daphne’s photo-I really miss her! Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  2. The colored rocks are Jasper. Tons in the Van Duzen, along with fossils.

    Welcome to Humboldt~!


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