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Cover songs have been a topic of conversation this week for some reason. You know how some topics are just in the air? I for one have never really been fond of covers, unless of course Phish was performing them. But this week I’ve been stumbling upon some really good ones. Songs that either really do the original song justice or songs that the new artist has totally made it their own, so much so that I have to really listen to the lyrics to tell its a cover. So here is a list of my top eight cover songs of this week. Yes, I know eight is a weird number but I didn’t want to force anything. These are truly the ones I’ve been listening to recently. I hope you download or listen to some. Maybe you’ll even find a new artist or two that you like.

  1. When Doves Cry by The Be Good Tanyas (Prince cover)
  2. Spooky by Imogen Heap (this song has a long history but the music is originally by saxophonist Mike Sharpe)
  3. Young Folks by Dawn Landes (Peter Bjorn and John cover)
  4. Rave On by M. Ward (Sonny West cover)
  5. Revolution by Grandaddy (Beatles cover)
  6. Fever by Meiko (another song with a long history but the version everyone knows is Peggy Lee’s)
  7. Across the Universe by Fiona Apple (Beatles cover)
  8. Cities by Phish (Talking Heads cover)

I’m really enjoying Dawn Landes music (#3), so if you don’t check out any other artist, let it be her. I really want to see her in May in San Francisco πŸ™‚

This next thought is not music related in any way but I wanted to share. So the other night the heating element in our space heater stopped working. This was not a cool turn of events considering it just decided to get cold here. So after work the other night Matt and I drove up to Eureka to buy this really bad ass heater that hangs on the wall. But when I got there, there was no bad ass heater, only the same one I already have. I was really bummed. I was willing to drive around to other stores to get one. Have I mentioned our apartment doesn’t have air conditioning or heat? So after some bickering we turned around and went home with no heater. But alas, my brilliant boyfriend fixed the problem. He remembered our little 1950’s oven had a heater. He figured out how to fire it up and bam! we had a super warm apartment.

My 1950's O'keefe & Merritt

Pretty funny huh? The left side houses the heater. I’m just glad our place is warm.


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