A Morning at the Beach

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I should have made this post a while ago but I forgot about the pictures on my phone. See, I just now charged my real camera. I started a blog and I just now charged my camera, thats crazy. Every photo you’ve seen on here has been taken on my iphone. Since this post is about an event that took place in February the pictures are in the crappy category. So I apologize.

So this little morning adventure took place on February 27, my Dad’s birthday. If you don’t know much about Northern California, I can tell you that it rains a lot this time of year. So when there is sun you have to get out and do something. I had to work in the afternoon so we drove first thing in the morning out to this beach. I don’t know the name of the beach but I have never been on one like it. I’ve only really been on beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. I went to Alaska once so I guess I did see the Pacific but I never got to touch it.

The landscape is strange, we drove mile after mile through farmland, then, there it was, just like a dead end. Farm then beach.

This particular beach had a big cliff that people were gliding off of. I thought you had to run and jump off the edge but the wind just picked them up and they just hovered in the air before pulling some strings and gliding off the cliff. I think this would be super fun.

The beach looks like a battle ground that has seen some action. Instead of dead bodies there are trees and branches everywhere.

A close up of a tree that had been sculpted from the wind and water.

So imagine you are on this beach looking out at the ocean, then you turn completely around, this is what you see:

I think I was more intrigued with what was behind me than the ocean. I swear, this place gets more and more beautiful the more I see. I can’t wait till summer, I want to really travel around our region and see everything. We let Daphne off the leash at the beach and she had a blast. There were so many stick options (she loves sticks). She just kept picking new ones. I tried to get a picture but of course she turned away right when I snapped this one.

February 27th was a very fun day. Happy Birthday Daddy!


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