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Today we got a new entertainment center. Our TV has been sitting on the huge plastic trunk I lugged all my clothes out here in. It turned out that some friends of ours recently got a new armoire for their TV and just so happened to have the entertainment center we had been looking to purchase. What are the odds?

So, today after work while Matt set up the entertainment center I started making my first loaf of bread. Yeah, I’ve made quick breads like lemon poppy seed and cranberry bread, but this is my first attempt at regular ole bread. To be honest, I don’t even have enough money in my pocket right now to buy a loaf of sliced bread. I may not have money on me right now but I sure as heck have flour, salt, yeast and water. Yep, that is all that’s in this bread. Since it’s my first try and I had all the ingredients on hand I thought I’d start with a very simple bread; a beginners loaf.

Flour, salt, yeast and water

I used the kitchenaid for the first 5 min and hand kneaded the last 5 min.

While I have 90 minutes to spare (my dough is rising), did I tell you that I’m flying back to the homeland next week? I haven’t really been gone that long but I have a couple of very dear friends that are getting married and I’m their maid of honor. So, not only do I get to attend a bitchn’ party celebrating the love of two amazing people while I’m back in town, but I also get to see a play that my little sister is in, share a cupcake with an amazing little boy who just turned one, meet a new little face that was just born, eat at my favorite Indian place with my favorite guy, see my friends, and hug my family. I’m pretty excited.

While we’re gone Daphne will be staying at a doggie daycare. She has her orientation this weekend. She gets to stay in a suite. It’s space themed and has a bed, she gets a kong with peanut butter at night, solo walks around town and she gets to participate in daycare during the day. She’s not going to want to come home. Pets are amazing aren’t they?

Anyway, back to bread. It rose twice for 90 minutes each and now it’s in the oven for about 40 minutes. I think it’s fascinating that bread never goes out of style. It’s timeless. It was the first baked good and we still rely on it in a big way in the present. It’s practically impossible to trace the history of bread. America invented sliced bread, big surprise right? Why do we have to make good, easy things even simpler? I mean seriously, is it that more time consuming to cut a slice of cheese off the brick? By the time you get that thin clear plastic off your cheese without tearing it you could have cut the cheese (ha ha). And chances are, the cheese you actually cut is REAL cheese, not some flat processed crap. People who think Parmesan comes from a green can appall me, but that’s another post.

Well… I kneaded. It rose. It baked. It’s bread and I loved it! I can’t wait to learn more and start adding things to my bread to make it more awesome. If you are interested in making bread for yourself and want the recipe I used just let me know.


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  1. I am so jealous that you get to go back. I haven’t really been back to Roswell since a year post graduation. I would love to go back–one of these days. The bread looks yummy and I am jealous of your kitchen aid. I swear it’s one of the reasons I want to get married just so I can finally get a kitchen aid!


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