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We recently flew back to Georgia. I was the Maid of Honor in a friends wedding. I had never been a maid of honor before. It was a pretty fun experience. Being all the way across the country from the bride was a little hard during the whole planning process though. I wish I could have been more involved. But the whole event went smashingly!

I may have said before that I live in Northern California. When people hear “Northern California” they think San Francisco. Well folks, I have news for you, there is a lot more above San Fran. Our flight was from SFO at 12 noon. We live 5 hours north of San Francisco so we decided to do something a little nuts. We didn’t sleep the night before our flight. We drove down to the city in the middle of the night and walked the streets and took pictures. It was pretty fun, and the only other time I had seen Lumbard Street (the really steep and curvy street) there was a huge line of traffic down it. Not a soul was there that night, just a beautiful view and the most beautiful smells. Flowers were everywhere. I haven’t been to a big city like that since I moved so it was exciting. It was also my first time driving over the golden gate bridge in my own car. It’s $6 by the way, if you decide to randomly drive to San Fran one day, be prepared to pay the toll.

The view from the top of Lumbard St.

Me and Delilah (my car). Yes, I do name inanimate objects often.

When I say “we” took pictures, maybe I should have said Matt took pictures. I, once again only grabbed my iphone out of the car. So the top photo is by me and the second is by Matt.

But anyways, we got to the airport very early and happened to come across the most amazing Delta lady. She put us on standby for the first flight out for no charge! (I can’t say we were that lucky on the way back, but lightning never strikes twice right?) We didn’t get to sit by each other on our first flight together but we were just happy to get to Atlanta earlier.

My mom picked us up from MARTA (Atlanta’s train) and then the fun began. We saw all my family and most of Matt’s. The wedding was really fun. In the midst of all the family seeing and wedding events Matt worked some (he occasionally does residential photography). He also took some pictures for my sister. She’s graduating in May and wanted some good shots for their party. Below is a slideshow of the madness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The trip went by quickly. We got home safe and sound and are back to our normal life.

*About the slideshow, I know the photos from above are included in the slideshow as well. I’m still learning about these things. I couldn’t exclude them 😦


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  1. How fun. Jenifer looked so pretty and so did you! One of these days I need to make it back there.


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