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One of the popular beliefs in this place where I live is that microwaves are evil. Well, no one has actually said that but the first couple weeks I was here I couldn’t find one anywhere. Growing up in Atlanta, all the houses just came with one. Seriously, I can’t think of a kitchen in Georgia, that I have been in, that doesn’t have a microwave above the oven/range or on the counter. It’s not like I used the microwave a lot. My mother isn’t big on the box so I learned to boil water on the stove, etc. I have always been horrified by the idea of actually baking or cooking in the microwave. We only used it to reheat some leftovers every once in a while, and that is exactly what I was wanting to do when I realized there was no where to do that here.

So I asked my boss what was up. She told me that around these parts they strongly believe that microwaves change the molecular content of the food inside. This changes the nutritional value of the food. Not to mention all the warnings like, you should leave the room when you use it.

So when we got our apartment we were planning to buy one, but bills started to fill the mailbox and the money was just not there to get one. And here it is May and I am perfectly happy not owning a microwave. The one thing that bugs me is the lack of oven safe, leftover sized containers. I am talking ALL oven safe people. Even the lid. I have searched. They all say, “Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.” or specifically say they can’t go in the oven. So, I mentioned my dilemma to my mother (who just so happens to work at an antique consignment shop) and she said she could get me just the right thing. Three little vintage, glass lid, Pyrex containers. Yay! So there we go, reduce, REUSE, recycle. Sometimes when you are trying to simplify your life, your accessories may have to come from a time when things were not so technologically advanced. So now when I make meals that could really feed eight people, I don’t have to reheat the whole baking dish for leftovers. I just fill these little containers and heat my desired amount.


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  1. My son recently left an apartment and I inherited his little microwave, which we seldom use because we had gotten so used to not having one these last 6 years in SoHum. I often reheat right on the stove. I just place a little water in the bottom of a fry pan or pot, place the food either in a steamer tray or right in the water (depending on the item), cover and heat up on low. It works great and takes less energy than using the whole oven.

    I am enjoying your blog.

  2. I’ve lived here in So Hum most of my life, we have had a mircowave in a few places we lived but most of the time not. I don’t have one now, and don’t ever plan on getting one. Besides the fact that my generator wont run it, I just don’t think it’s important.

  3. So glad you like the old Pyrex containers! Also like your Bakers rack and herbs! Really nice. Who needs a microwave!

  4. Hey Erin it’s Nicole! I too do not have a microwave. With the way I’m eating now I can’t even imagine a reason I would need one (Faster oatmeal? I can wait an exrta minute.) I love those Pyrex containers. I’ve been doing most of my reheating in my toaster oven in the loaf pan.


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