An Afternoon with the Dead

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Since all of our shows that we watch are coming to an end for the summer and the sun is out longer, it feels like we have more time. Last night after work we made a quick dinner, I took the dog to the park to wear her out and we still had day light. So we hopped in the car and drove to Ferndale. We cruised around checking out all the pretty victorian homes and stumbled upon a beautiful cemetery. We reached the gates and thats when we noticed it was closed for the night. So we got back in the car and continued to drive around. Then we came across another cemetery, this one was open so we pulled over and got out. The cemetery sat on a hillside. The air was thick with echoing music from the worker’s boom-box. The two men manicured the grave sites while chatting over their music. It was a peaceful place.

Many of the graves cement borders were cracked, I assume due to earthquakes. Most of the people buried their where born in the late eighteen hundreds. We also saw something we’ve never seen before, photos of the dead on their tombstones. Everyone was dressed very victorian. So that was pretty interesting. So I just thought I’d share our little afternoon adventure. Have a great day.


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  1. My oldest sons and I spent many a beautiful hour gently exploring cemeteries. That cupid photo captures a certain mood–I like it.

  2. My husband and like this cemetery too as well as nearby Ross Park.

  3. I’ve always loved cemeteries, I even had my senior pictures taken in one over on the coast. If you get a chance, drive over highway 1 and check out the ones on the ocean, they are really beautiful.

  4. I love the one at Wages Creek on Hwy 1. My dad would always say very slow and drawn out as we crossed over the stream, “The wages of sin….” Then we would come around the corner to the cemetery “is death!”


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