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When you move away from all your friends and family you have to get organized when it comes to correspondence. No more signing the birthday card your mom bought from the family. You have to remember and acknowledge everyone’s birthdays and special days on your own. I’ve had a rocky start to this but I’m getting better. One reason I’m getting better is because I’m totally obsessed with letterpress cards. I went to the Crafty Maverick’s Spring handmade and vintage market back in April and bought my Mother’s Day and graduation cards there. They were beautifully pressed, lots of texture and color. After I got home I got online and went to Hello Lucky, most of the cards I bought were printed at their San Francisco studio. I fell in love with the whimsey of these unique greeting cards. Even though e-cards exist, I think it’s still really fun to receive snail mail. So if you’re not finding a card that truly represents your style try buying from these awesome little companies who are keeping this art alive.

Photos from above:

  1. A letterpress that’s at the Brooklyn, NYC public letterpress studio, The Arm. That’s right. Public.
  2. This cute little fox was pressed on a vintage hand-cranked press by Sycamore Street Press.
  3. Egg Press located in Portland, OR. This is where I’m getting my Father’s Day card 🙂
  4. Once again, Hello Lucky. Great stuff.

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GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. I have been moved away for a long time and I am so terrible about this…I keep saying I am going to get better and I am just terrible.

  2. My Mother’s Day car was just beautiful Erin! I love it. And yes it is nice to receive a card by snail mail. It makes you feel special!


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