Are you ready to stop?

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So I’m sitting here starring at this page. I’m wondering what thoughts I have that would be worth sharing. I’m thinking about why I started this blog. I wanted to document my food, my opinions, my adventures, everything that means something to me. I do it for my Mom and the people who enjoy reading goobery little blogs like mine.

Inspiration. It can be difficult to find if you’re looking too hard. I think I’ve been looking to hard this past week. So the thoughts I’m about to share may not be inspiring or really that interesting, but they are things I believe in.

My love for animals is so great. You may think, big deal, everyone likes animals and has pets. But seriously, they trigger my emotions like nothing else. I’m guaranteed  to burst into tears while watching any tv show or movie having to do with an animal. Bolt, that 2008 Disney movie. I couldn’t take it. They lie to the dog about it’s life and then keep it locked up in a trailer every night and weekend. How cruel!  That made me cry.

I think I get so upset because I feel guilty. I’m a human being and my presents on this Earth has made life for countless animals hell. Everyone is talking about the oil spill. I think what happened is horrible. I tear up when I see the photos of all the marine birds and other wildlife that have died of suffered because I have to fill my car with gas.

I could add BP to the list of gas stations I boycott already. I could place blame on a million different people and companies. But the truth is, its me, its you and everyone we love. I continue to drive my car. So do millions of people. So until we come up with something else to power us from here to there, don’t be surprised when something like the BP oil spill happens again. And don’t blame anyone but yourself.

There are things I can do. I will change my gas habit. I promise. I will do it for the animals. It may not be something over night but I have plans in action (more on this later).

So that’s how I feel about that.

PS I had the perfect picture to post. I took it when I was in line, at a BP station, during the gas crisis in GA a year or so ago. I drove far to go to that BP station, all because the only gas available by me was Exxon, and I refuse to buy Exxon/Mobil. Kinda funny now. I couldn’t find the photo though 😦


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  1. I wish I could vote yes and I really love animals too. Maybe I can change my habits. I don’t drive much now, but we drive a lot for our business. Ugh. Life gets complicated doesn’t it?


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