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I can’t believe I haven’t introduced our new puppy on my blog yet! Well, Matt and I adopted Inkey or Ink (we call him both). His mother (Lola) was pregnant and in a puppy mill when she was rescued by an amazing lady named Patti. Lola is only three years old and has already had three litters of puppies. I’m so glad Patti got her out of that hell hole! So Lola delivered three Chihuahua puppies. When Matt saw Inkey on he knew we had to adopt him. He looks likes a miniature Daphne (our other pup). We never in a million years thought that we would be the parents of a Chihuahua, but we believe that any dog can be an amazing pet if it is brought up right. Inkey is full of personality and super cute! I am so honored that we have the chance to give him an amazing life.

We still live in an apartment so we could not adopt Lola too. She is an amazing dog. She doesn’t bark and she is so sweet! Patti also rescued a kitten that she thought she might have to put down because he was so sick, but Lola let the kitten nurse and now he is healthy and happy! I’m telling you, this mama is a great canine. If you’d be interested in Lola here is a link to her petfinder profile. It was really hard taking a baby away from it’s mother. I was really sad. But Inkey seems to be very happy with us and his new sister.

There are so many animals that need to be adopted! If you are someone who usually goes through breeders, PLEASE try and adopt FIRST. And don’t forget to ALWAYS spay and neuter.

Ink and Daphne

We have a thing for big ears, can you tell?


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