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AFC Bournemouth – Fans 15

If people put as much enthusiasm into things that actually matter as they do into sports. I am so NOT a sports fan. It gives me the creeps when people chant at sports events. It’s not just the chanting either, it’s the fact that people get so worked up emotionally about a game. I’ve actually heard of people missing work because they were so upset their team lost, WTF man? Really? There are plenty of things going on in the real world to get worked up about. The oil spill, genetically modified genes, the slaughtering of innocent animals, etc. Why don’t people paint their bodies and scream in other’s faces for a good cause? Just a thought.

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  1. Yes I counldn’t agree more, if only people would get that excited about something that really matters,

  2. Sorry, cant agree with you here Erin. I think you will find that AFC Bournemouth fans very rarely paint their bodies (in most cases that would not be a pretty site) or scream in people faces. Anyway we won 3 – 1 at the weekend so there was no need to miss work today – although I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Best wishes, Dan


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