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Food makes me so happy! That’s why when I travel somewhere I do my research and plan a lot of the trip around what I want to eat. This past weekend Matt and I went down to the Bay Area to visit some of his family and go to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco.

This was not your ordinary arts and craft fair. All the venders are young people making the tradition new and hip. We bought some t-shirts, barrettes and we ordered new tags for our dogs. Oh yeah, and of course I bought some letterpress cards. I’m really obsessed with that medium this year. I would love to buy some really great prints and get them framed (have I mentioned that the frame shop in my town is called “How’s it Hanging”?) It made me laugh.

The first place we ate was super unique. I don’t know if this is a new genre or I’ve just been up in the hills too long. Moose Crepe and Thai Fusion. Yeah, Crepes and Thai? I had to try it. So I had the Veggie Masala Crepe. It was spectacular.

The rest of the trip was filled with Indian food, more Thai food, Cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes and Orange Almond Scones that Matt’s Aunt Missy made from the oranges growing in her yard.

I am so jealous of these fruit trees!

This tree blew my mind! Pomegranate!

I am jealous, yes, but I got to bring home some citrus.

Lime makes everything better.

There were roses too.

May I suggest, if you ever go to the Bay Area and want to go into the city. Take public transportation, the traffic on the Bay Bridge is no fun at all, plus the toll is probably more than a train ride. We couldn’t do public transportation because our little Inky is not old enough to stay at Doggie Daycare yet, so we drug him along everywhere.

It's not the Golden Gate but the Bay Bridge is still pretty rockin'.

Excellent weekend trip. What are your close to home, weekend escapes?


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  1. Ooooo….I’m so jealous you went to Renegade! I went in December and had such a good time. What’s your favorite Indian restaurant in the city? Love these photos!

    • I have only eaten at two Indian Restaurants in the Bay area so far. Mehfil Indian in the city and Pamposh in Santa Rosa. Both good, no favorites yet. Thanks for the photo compliment!

  2. SF is the best. I want to live there but I will settle for getting married there.


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