Move it!

We’re moving! I am actually going to be living in a house! Do you know what this means? This means a fenced backyard for the pups, a bathtub, a dishwasher, a place to put a kitchen table! I can’t wait. I love our little apartment and I’ve actually gotten used to the things that gave me the heebie jeebies at first, like the hot water heater in the kitchen, the shower stall that is almost impossible to shave your legs in, and the leg cutout under the bathroom sink (so your legs have somewhere to go while you are sitting on the toilet). There are so many things this new place has that I’m totally grateful for. We will be 10 minutes from work instead of 50, so that is super!

We are moving further away from civilization. Our new town has one restaurant, a motel, a gas station/market and a post office. That’s it. I have mixed emotions about this. But we will be right on The Avenue of the Giants. There should be tons of nice groves to take the dogs walking in.

I’m so happy we will be able to have friends over for dinner, and they will have somewhere to sit. I will surely blog about that first dinner party. I’m already planning, decorating and designing in my head. It’s going to be great! We move on the 1st of September.

Matt and I looking for four-leaf clovers at Founders Grove.


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GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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