This morning I woke up and I had this whole image in my head what my outfit would look like. I took a shower, went back in my room and started dressing. When I made it back into the bathroom to look in the mirror I was greeted by my honest boyfriend. He said I looked weird. No, no, no, how could this be? I peered into the mirror and I now saw that he had spoken the truth. I cannot pull off the whole bag-waisted skirt with the tucked in shirt and cardigan.  I plan on just sticking to dresses for now on.

The skirt I wish I could wear.

But anyway, the skirt is not the purpose of this post. Today I received a package in the mail from my dad. He is probably the biggest Imogen Heap fan I know. He was so excited for me to see her DVD he mailed me his copy to watch. If you are a fan of her work I highly recommend seeing her DVD, Everything In-Between. But seeing this tonight made me revisit a thought I had not too long ago.

Everyone knows we are a throw-away society and I believe we are taking this concept to our homes. I think it’s sad that a lot of the babies being born are growing up in condos or cookie cutter neighborhoods. Sometimes I log onto facebook and feel sorry for myself because I haven’t had a baby yet. But tonight I was reminded that I want to establish a home where my child will have the best, most inspiring upbringing. I want to build a home that will be THE family home, one that will be willed to my child.

I have so many dreams that take place in the house I grew up in, actual dreams, the kind you have when you sleep. My childhood house has been on the market so many times since we sold it. I feel like we should still own it. I can remember everything about it, where every one of my belongings was stowed. So many memories, majority happy, are in that home. It’s where I learned to write my name, build a fire, pour apple juice into a cup, the list goes on. I am connected to that house, that property. I feel it, even when I’m asleep.

I’m not ready yet financially but the time will come. It happened for my parents and it will happen for me.

Why did Imogen spark this thought? She moved back to her childhood home and moved her studio there. She made the whole house her own. She has started to create a new generation of memories. It’s pretty cool to see.


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Oh goodness I feel the same exact way, even down to the skirt. I can’t pull off the big waist skirts with a belt look.


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