a tasty 12oz.

I am a huge lemon-lime soda fan. Since I can remember I have always preferred Sprite, 7up and the like to dark colas. Today I made a very tasty discovery and I just had to share. I am drinking oogave‘s mandarin key lime soda. It is amazing! I do love Sierra Mist Natural but the carbonation is a little intense for me. Oogave does it right, the carbonation is there but delicate and not overwhelming. To top it off it’s certified organic, vegan and has a low glycemic index because it’s made with agave instead of sugar. I think I’m in love. They also make other flavors, one being a regular cola. This product is worth seeking out to try. Let me know if you agree. Cheers.


Almost gone 😦


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Where did you find this? I’d like to try it.

  2. Whole Foods sells it.


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