Day 21

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Day 21: A picture of something you wish you could forget.

I never want to forget this adorable Oliver face. But what I wish I could forget is very graphic and would probably scar everyone like it scarred me. When I was a freshman in college I was digging deeper and deeper into animal rights and what was happening to furry innocent lives around the world. I came across a video of a Chinese dog and cat market. It was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. I don’t even want to finish describing it. This was the first of many horrifying videos I have seen regarding animals. Seeing any type of animal abuse is terrible to watch. All you want to do is help. Even though it’s hard to see and sometimes these images will haunt you for the rest of your life, it makes you aware of what human kind is capable of and urges you to stop it.

Oliver is my cat  that I brought home my senior year in high school. He has a very unique personality. And when I say unique, it really means that if anyone else was his mom, he probably wouldn’t be around anymore. When we moved out west I didn’t bring him, I thought that I would wait until we had a home that was appropriate for cats. I left him in the care of my mother, who, over time has fallen in love with him too. After having a heart to heart with my mom, she admitted that she didn’t want to give him up. I just wanted to get that out there. I am not an animal abandoner. He is in a loving home with my mom where he can sunbathe on the screened in porch and play with his brother Sid.



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