Blood, Sweat & Cream Puffs

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Last week there was a huge landslide that covered the highway I take to work. This road is unfortunately the ONLY way I can get there without traveling for 2.5+ hours. So, Matt and I decided to go to the Bay Area so he could at least work at Inkies over the weekend. While I was there I decided to take a little day trip to the city. It was my first time riding Bart (bay area rapid transit) alone. Every other time I’ve been on Bart I have been with people familiar with the stops and such. Of course I decided to take this little trip on Sunday, which is when the trains are not running their normal routes. There was getting off and transferring situations I had to deal with. But I only screwed up once. It was so sweet, while I was on the train I saw an old, gray gentleman make and give this little girl an origami frog. I love seeing kindness like that in random places.

So I’m not sure if you know anything about SF or where things are located, but I took the train to the Civic Center station.  My final destination was the Bella Bridesmaid on Union St. I decided to walk. It was about 2.5 miles. Maybe not such a good idea before you go get measured for your wedding dress, not so bad for me, but for the poor girl doing the measuring. Besides being sweaty and beet red in the face I got to see so many cute shops. I stopped into two pet boutiques and bought some toys and treats for my pups. One being Cheengoo. The owner designs these adorable crocheted toys for small dogs. I got Inky Henry the Hippo.

Surprisingly enough Henry is still around. Dog toys  don’t last long in our house. So after spoiling my pets I wanted to get something for myself. Pacific Puffs is the perfect place to indulge just a bit. They make the most delicious cream puffs I have ever tasted. I just get one mini original puff, $2.00 and I’m happy. You will crave them again, just be forewarned.

I have no photos from this day because my phone died 😦 Luckily Bella Bridesmaid was able to call me a cab so I didn’t have to walk all the way back to the train station. So when I got to the station, I was walking down this hallway to get to the main train atrium when this homeless guy grins at me and then smacks me on the ass with a towel. What the hell? No one was around to see thank goodness. But wow, I was not expecting that.

Have a great Thursday. The Big Bang Theory is new, watch it, you’ll laugh.


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