Day 27

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Day 27: A picture of you and a family member.

It sure has taken me a long time to get through this photo challenge. It’s been way longer than 30 days, that’s for sure.

This is my beautiful cousin (my Dad’s Sister’s Daughter) Shae. I travel to the mid west every year right after the holidays to see this part of my family. We always have the best time. The night this photo was taken we went out to eat with the family at a pretty nice place. They had this huge staircase that we used to take photos of the girls in the family. After everyone was done posing, Shae and I hung back to do the usual flip through the camera to see how the pictures turned out. Once we lifted our heads and came back to the reality that we were standing in the dead center of the stairs, we got a pleasant surprise. A whole entire team (I’m not sure sure what sport, I’m not hip to teams) of beautiful men were streaming past us. It was delightful. Fun times. My camera unfortunately was not the one used to take the photos, otherwise I would have posted on from that actual moment ๐Ÿ˜‰


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