Seeds of Olde

Yesterday was one packed day! I guess before I dive into it I should tell you that I am now a married woman! Our Ohio wedding was the best evening of my life. I have so much to share but I am going to wait till some of my pro photos are released.

Photo by Gayle Rothmeeler

Yesterday Matt and I attended The Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. It was so refreshing to see people of all ages interested in and participating in saving our food. All the venders were local and so passionate about their products.  For lunch we had, Matt: Grass fed burger, Erin: Tomato and Onion Tartlette  over pear and spinach salad. It was so yummy!

Variety is the spice of life right? Or so they say. Unfortunately the introduction of GMO’s and factory farming have caused the extinction of thousands of plant varieties. If you haven’t seen or read The Botany of Desire, you should. I love the section on apples. There used to be so many types, but now we are only familiar with what we see in the grocery store.  For those of you who are new to the subject, heirloom seeds/plants are those that were used before 1951. Back in the day when farmer’s saved their seeds by hand and didn’t depend on or weren’t forced to depend on corporations for seed,

I got a hands on lesson in tomato seed saving. We came home with some Berkeley Tie Dye seeds that I can’t wait to grow. Hopefully I can finish the fermentation and drying process correctly. If I do, the seeds should stay good up to 10 years! We also saw some ridiculously cute farm animals and got to try goats milk ice cream, which I plan on making at home soon.

After the expo we headed south to Petaluma. What a cute little town! It reminds me of Athens, GA minus the annoying college kids running through the streets.  Tons of cute shops. We went into a huge independent book store, which I’m always happy to see. We stopped in to Electric Oni Tattoo and chatted with one of Matt‘s fellow tattoo artists. The shop was beautiful! And from there we headed to San Francisco. My beloved Uncle Douglas (he and his wife, my aunt, officiated our wedding) was staying in town for business. Did you know the eighth floor of the SF Ritz is a dessert oasis? The elevator doors open and all you see is plates of chocolates, cakes, fruit, fondu, coffee, tea, anything you desire can be acquired. All for “free” if you pay the $500 per night to stay there. I stuffed my face. My wedding is over after all.



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