Love it!

1. Sexy pops of color! glassybaby makes all their handmade votives in either NYC or Seattle. Just looking at all the colors they offer on their super clean website is a pleasure. At $40 a pop I would gladly purchase one or two as a gift but for myself I need a little nudge. If you feel the same, they offer an awesome rental service (even if you don’t live in their area).  Rentals are $5 a piece plus shipping. So you can make any occasion or event (wedding, open house, dinner party, etc.) sparkle with candle light.

2. Puppy love. This little baby gives me a couple free minutes to do things like… write a blog post. It’s the Kong Wobbler. Smart and energetic pups need to keep their brains occupied. Otherwise they get into trouble (get into dirty laundry, jump on your lap while you’re busy, chew up colored pencils, etc.) The weighted bottom unscrews from the top which allows you to fill it with tiny treats or even their own food. They will have a ball trying to knock their yummy goodies out. A word to the wise, never leave a dog alone to play with this toy or any other.  They could chew it up and choke 😦

3. Knit NOW. I’m guilty of starting numerous scarves and never finishing them by the time it gets cold. So I just push them aside and never return to the project. I’m NOT going to do that this year. I found my lonely half scarf from 2010 and I am going to finish her before it gets chilly. I promise. I’ll post pictures.

4. Print those memories! This may not be a new feature but I just stumbled upon it. let’s you print (I prefer matte finish) any photo from Facebook (even from your friends albums). So all those mobile uploads you make can become legitimate photos (in just an hour) to place in frames or on the refrigerator for all your real friends to come over and see.

Happy Tuesday!


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GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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