Doggie Dreams

About 3 1/2 years ago I had my aunt help me with a sewing project. I wanted to make my new puppy a bed. It was lovely! I was so proud of myself, I put a zipper in and everything! My masterpiece lasted about a week.

It never fails, puppies destroy beds. Once Daphne was no longer a puppy and she didn’t have the urge to chew we bought her a bed she actually used. It was butt ugly. Dark blue bottom with a hideous, fake shearling top. But a year and a half ago we added another puppy to the pack and that bed was a goner. Both dogs are now past the chewing stage and I’m buying a bed again.

I found my local pet boutique, Murphy’s Paw, and had them order a Molly Mutt bed for us. These beds are awesome! You buy the “Stuff Sack”:

And start stuffing with all your Goodwill bound clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Up-cycle all your old textiles. I think using all your own things to fill your dog’s bed is genius! It smells like you and your home,  this makes your dog less likely to rip it to shreds. And if you have to go out of town without your pup, it will help them with their separation anxiety.

So next you stuff your Stuff Sack inside one of their cute Dog Duvets:

There are tons of patterns to choose from, I will never pay for an ugly bed from a big box pet store again. Everything is washable and the duvet is 100% cotton. We are pretty happy with this system so far :).


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