Saturday Scarf

Saturday Scarf

This is week was a little rough on the job front. Not because of the actual work but because I was off my game. I’m not sure what was up, but I could not wait till the weekend. And today proved to be a day worth waiting for. One of my favorite things from today was finally talking to my sister! Between the time change and the exhausting task that is life, we find it hard to pick up the phone on a regular basis. But once we do, I have a great time hearing about her life and venting about mine. I am so proud of her.

In the midst of organizing the patio and storage space, washing dishes, doing laundry and watching Downton Abbey, I made a scarf. If you have an addiction to Pintrest you have probably seen many tutorials on making a scarf out of an old tee-shirt. I used this post as guidelines but I wanted more volume so I used two shirts. My husband had some shirts with some pretty bad pit stains that were ready for the garbage, they were perfect for this project. I used iDye to make them a beautiful violet color before I started working with them. Here are some photos of the process and the finished product.




Wrap. Knot. Tuck.


Sorry for the horrible phone photos.


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