I’ll Never Be A California Girl

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Since meeting my husband I can honestly say I have never been bored. We are always doing something or going somewhere. Moving across the country, pretty much as far as I could go (in the US) away from the place I grew up, has been an amazing journey. Doing this was what proved to Matt and I that we really do make a good team. We started from nothing (I literally had $300) and now have everything necessary to live a safe and comfortable lifestyle. California has been great. We’ve lived in a quaint little town, in the middle of a redwood forest, and a bustling suburb of San Francisco. We’ve seen so much beauty here. But alas, it is not the place we will grow old. We are now drawn to the mountains of Appalachia. Much like before, we are packing up our car and hitting the road with no exact address to move to. This time we hope we picked a place that we can stay for a very, very long time. This weekend we are up in Humboldt County saying our goodbyes to the place where we grew most. I will forever travel back to Northern California. There is still so much to see! But starting May 11 it will no longer be our home. So wish us luck on another thrilling adventure!


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. Oh, so sad to see you leave California! Safe journeys ahead!

    I know what you mean though, this is not the place where I want to go grow old!


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