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The journey is almost through and we are so tired! It’s a tough life on the road, ha ha. We have covered 14 states in 20 days. We have seen so many loved ones and we’ve had a blast. When we finally made it to GA to see my mother, my whole family surprised us there. My grandmother even came down from Ohio. So we enjoyed a very warm welcome. The next couple days were spent on vacation with more family at Lake Oconee in Georgia. Boating, bonfire, watermelon and more made this trip sweet.

After the lake trip we headed to Asheville, NC. This is where we plan to settle. Mountains everywhere, delicious food and passionate people. We felt at home. I have a job interview in the next couple weeks and if it goes well we should be looking for a house soon after. I can’t wait for everyone to visit!

So right now we are in Indiana for my sister-in-laws high school graduation. I’m so happy to finally be on this side of the country where I know I won’t miss anymore monumental family events due to the price of airline tickets. After the shindigs here we will be driving back to Georgia for the time being.

The dogs have been excellent considering they have no clue what’s going on. I love you Daphne and Inky, and I promise you will have a house soon. That’s all for now. I’ve been totally obsessed with Instagram lately so if you want, you can check out all my photos from this crazy trip @erinzopfi. And if you want to follow my husband as well he is @thewhitewhale.



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GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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