Keeping My Chin Up

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I don’t mean to be a downer, but with the GA heat (last night at 8:15pm it was 90 degrees), the driving back and forth from Asheville and the rejections that keep coming my way, I am not in the best spirits. This move has been much more difficult than moving to California. Granted, we both had jobs set up before we got there. But this time only one of us has the job and it is not me.

Even though I may be frustrated with the job hunt, I am still in love with the fact that North Carolina is going to be our new home. The mountains bring me peace. This will be our forever home. Unless something crazy happens. This is where we want to have our family home and make a person to join our family. We want to grow food here and let our dogs run wild in the backyard. I am ready to settle and put down roots.

If you have ever had trouble getting a job, please think positive thoughts for me and let me know any good tips you have to offer. I appreciate your support!


About Erin Hebbe

GA native living the life in Asheville, NC.

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  1. You will find something!! Hang in there — just tell everyone you know and speak to that you’re looking for a job, that’s how I found my job!


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