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It’s the end of November, and December brings thoughts of the new year and how it will be different from the current. But before I get ahead of myself and slap you in the face with all my resolutions I have two goals to accomplish before January 1.

Goal #1: Pass my Real Estate Test!

Since I was able to dream a dream, my dream has been to be my own boss. To live under my schedule and my rules. I was closer to this goal as a child. I started baby-sitting when I was 12. Today I wouldn’t think of letting a 12 year old watch a newborn. But I did. And I was damn good. I had many customers and contacts. If I could have had my own business Facebook page, I would probably own an agency by now. But alas, I did what you are (were) supposed to do. I went to school and got my bachelor’s. Throughout my college years I dreamt about tons of businesses I could open and run. Yoga Studio, Wedding Planner, Given Clothing (a t-shirt company that allows you to donate a portion of your payment to your choice charity), and an Online Baby Boutique…and I still have all the business plans for these. The only problem, I don’t have and never had the funding. Real Estate can change that for me. I’ve been around the business my whole life, thanks to my mom…and all her friends. I have assisted agents and been great, and happy. I love homes, I love working with people one-on-one and building that relationship, I love design and marketing. I hope to one day flip houses with my significant other and be a landlord. I think this is in my near future.  Scratch that. I don’t think, I know. “Get busy living or get busy dying” right? (I finally saw Shawshank. 😉 )

Goal #2: Make a rug for my bedroom

That’s right. I’m going to make a rug. A large one. We are in need but the ones on the market are terribly expensive. I am not into the whole buy a million small rugs and sew them together thing. I have a plan and I have lots of time these days, so I will make a rug and post about it here.

Short term goals are good to have. They make you realize again that you are capable of anything. And I need that right now.

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  1. Remember those two families we shared sitting for?


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