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Fall in the Mountains

This October has been great! It’s my absolute favorite month and not just because it contains my birthday. I love it for everything it has to offer. It’s the kickstarter to all the holiday months to follow. I vowed that I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of all of the following:

My Grandmother, Mother and Beloved Aunt came to Asheville to celebrate my 29th (ouch!) birthday.


Pumpkin Carving. The same night I finally got to experience a corn-maze!


Apple Picking.


And we drove to Chattanooga to see my sister’s band Kids From Across The Street preform at The Honest Pint.


It’s been a great month so far and it’s not over yet. Halloween is still to come… (insert the laugh that’s at the end of Thriller here).



Ramblin’ Woman

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The journey is almost through and we are so tired! It’s a tough life on the road, ha ha. We have covered 14 states in 20 days. We have seen so many loved ones and we’ve had a blast. When we finally made it to GA to see my mother, my whole family surprised us there. My grandmother even came down from Ohio. So we enjoyed a very warm welcome. The next couple days were spent on vacation with more family at Lake Oconee in Georgia. Boating, bonfire, watermelon and more made this trip sweet.

After the lake trip we headed to Asheville, NC. This is where we plan to settle. Mountains everywhere, delicious food and passionate people. We felt at home. I have a job interview in the next couple weeks and if it goes well we should be looking for a house soon after. I can’t wait for everyone to visit!

So right now we are in Indiana for my sister-in-laws high school graduation. I’m so happy to finally be on this side of the country where I know I won’t miss anymore monumental family events due to the price of airline tickets. After the shindigs here we will be driving back to Georgia for the time being.

The dogs have been excellent considering they have no clue what’s going on. I love you Daphne and Inky, and I promise you will have a house soon. That’s all for now. I’ve been totally obsessed with Instagram lately so if you want, you can check out all my photos from this crazy trip @erinzopfi. And if you want to follow my husband as well he is @thewhitewhale.


I’ll Never Be A California Girl

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Since meeting my husband I can honestly say I have never been bored. We are always doing something or going somewhere. Moving across the country, pretty much as far as I could go (in the US) away from the place I grew up, has been an amazing journey. Doing this was what proved to Matt and I that we really do make a good team. We started from nothing (I literally had $300) and now have everything necessary to live a safe and comfortable lifestyle. California has been great. We’ve lived in a quaint little town, in the middle of a redwood forest, and a bustling suburb of San Francisco. We’ve seen so much beauty here. But alas, it is not the place we will grow old. We are now drawn to the mountains of Appalachia. Much like before, we are packing up our car and hitting the road with no exact address to move to. This time we hope we picked a place that we can stay for a very, very long time. This weekend we are up in Humboldt County saying our goodbyes to the place where we grew most. I will forever travel back to Northern California. There is still so much to see! But starting May 11 it will no longer be our home. So wish us luck on another thrilling adventure!

Day Trip to Santa Cruz

This past Monday was a fantastic day. My hubby and I both had the day off so we headed down to Santa Cruz. I love exploring the areas around were we live. The drive was only an hour and fifteen minutes, with a detour to a San Jose art supply store.


We actually went to a beach near Watsonville first. Sunset State Beach. The sand and the birds reminded me of Florida’s Gulf. Very pretty and surprisingly quiet. Wish we had the dogs there.

Hunger was calling and Burger was the answer. I love places that I can order any burger on the menu and get it as a veggie burger 🙂 and they had sweet potato fries, the love of my life. Very cute place with equally as cute customers and staff. Everyone there was so hip. lol I forgot to mention my burger had Mac and Cheese on it! Crazy good. It’s a good thing I was walking the whole day.

After burgers, the Patagonia outlet, shopping for turtles (Matt just finished all the seasons of My Name is Earl and was inspired by Mr. Turtle) and pottery we headed to the Boardwalk. Santa Cruz is SO California! Beach cruisers, volleyball and tons of color everywhere. Eating caramel apples and rock candy we walked the pier and people watched at the boardwalk. I finally saw a lifeguard stand like the ones on all the tv shows I used to watch growing up. I’m a nerd, I know.

To end the day appropriately we watched The Lost Boys (filmed in Santa Cruz). Kiefer Sutherland and Corey Feldman are in this 1987 Vampire flick. Vampires didn’t always look like Edward Cullen and Bill Compton.

The End.

Don Edwards

This weekend I went for a little walk around Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. To be honest, the place isn’t that pretty and it smells bad. I know that sounds mean, I’m sorry. There is a big grassy hill and salt ponds edged with a marsh. The majority of the 30,00 acres being protected are out in the bay. Despite the ugly, I experienced some not so hideous moments and the 5.5 miles was good exercise.


Took the Loop Trail





27 years

This is what it looks like like when you come back from taking a pee break from knitting and you have two naughty dogs. We spent the first part of October in Eureka, California. This trip also encompassed my birthday. 27 is verging a little too close to 30 for my taste. Am I suppose to have things figured out by now? I hope not. My brain is still so full of dreams and ideas. But anyway, Eureka was peaceful. It only rained the day we drove up. My favorite thing about this trip was seeing the ocean. I can drive a short distance and see the ocean from where I live now, but it has a different beauty up there. Every beach is a new scene that you’ve never seen before.




Mornings were spent at Ramone’s Bakery and Cafe. Sipping on vanilla lattes (which I recently have a love for) and eating pastries. The first time we stopped into Ramone’s I noticed this succulent pot. It’s still there. The best dinner we had was at Brick & Fire Bistro. The place was packed and we didn’t have a reservation. We got lucky and got the last two chairs at the bar, right in front of the brick oven. It was so fun to watch. I had a glass of Fume Blanc and the polenta lasagna. Delicious! Matt had a local beer and the salmon. I had to sneak a few bites of his lentils, they were awesome.


This trip is the first time we used Vacation Rentals by Owner. For those of you who have been to Eureka, I’m sure you know the lodging choices are dirty, dirtier and dirtiest. Staying in a home was for sure the best way to go. We got to bring our dogs for no extra cost and the house was lovely. It had everything we needed and was close to everything. I highly recommend this hospitality tool.

Overall a good trip. Now we are back in the bay and I am itching to check out Santa Cruz to Monterey.

Half Moon Bay Day

Thirty minutes west is the ocean. You have to drive over the bay (pay a toll), through the hills and past tons of great farms and nurseries. Once you do that, you reach an adorable little town full of colorful people, independent shops and modern food stops. Half Moon Bay is such a sweet town! And let me just mention, when we were driving through the hills, in the middle of the day, we actually saw a half moon in the sky. I can’t find the origins of the name “Half Moon Bay” but I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with the actual moon.

We strolled along Main Street under the cloudless, blue sky stopping into a huge antique shop, a well stocked kitchen supply store and countless art galleries.  I was almost lured into a cute sushi place for lunch, but I didn’t give in. You can’t see the ocean from Main St. and I knew there had to be a restaurant with a view somewhere close. I used my trusty cell phone (pocket computer) to find a place. It led us to Sam’s Chowder House on Hwy 1.

We sat out on the back patio and took in the view.

Matt ordered clam chowder and I got a really pretty salad made up of baby arugula, goat cheese, fresh strawberries and crunchy hazel nuts rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Delicious!

And then…I ate…the BEST key lime pie I have ever had. I’m not talking about that neon green crap you get at touristy restaurants in Florida. I’m talking about dark brown, hand formed crust, a tangy key lime (naturally colored) custard  and the most luscious, toasted meringue you have ever put in your mouth. I’m still daydreaming about it. YUM! I loved it so much I couldn’t share. I know it’s selfish but my husband knows how much I love dessert. He was fine with his latte 😉

So after we parted ways with Sam’s we stopped at Half Moon Bay Nursery on the way back home. This place was breathtaking. The rooms of shaded plants were even more beautiful than all the sun-loving flowers outside.

The green was so bright against the graying wood walls and gravel paths.

Since I don’t have a yard, just a tiny patio, my souvenir was a vivid little fern and a crazy cool pot (the $14 price tag made this pot even sweeter!) to plant it in. It was a great little California day trip!